Georgia Commons Topping Out Ceremony

Georgia Commons

Today Mayor Adrian Fenty addressed development partners and residents for the “topping out” of the new Georgia Commons building. The “topping out” ceremony signifies the final structural I-beam being set in place. The event was highlighted by the signing of the final beam just before being hoisted towards its final placement. This groundbreaking $35 million residential and retail project consists of 125,000 SF, 130 residential units and ground floor retail space. The new building will accommodate mixed-income residents making between $40-60k a year and a maternity clinic.

Jair Lynch Development Partners and AHG incorporated sustainable building methods into the project and have obtained a pre-certified LEED Gold rating.  LEED certification is a third party rating system evaluating the buildings performance towards environmental efficiency. Next steps for the building will be to complete the inter Residents and retail will begin to occupy its space upon completion of the building is scheduled for early 2011.

The signing of the final beam

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Welcome to the Georgia Avenue Task Force Blog!

Thank you for supporting Georgia Avenue in reading our first blog post! We are excited to announce that we are generating a community presence here in DC. The Task Force is organized to serve the people who live, work and visit the Georgia Avenue Corridor. We seek to gather views, thoughts, and opinions from the community to help influence its future revitalization.

Our mission is to advocate the voice of the community in order to enhance the quality of life along the Georgia Avenue corridor. Currently, several major projects are underway on Georgia Avenue and community input towards the revitalization plan will help to ensure that the communities needs are met.

Georgia Avenue’s long-term revitalization efforts include improving upon community needs, economic stability, and environmental stewardship. The Task Force is also working in collaboration with the The Columbia Heights Shaw Family Support Collaborative, ANC 1A, and The Howard University GADGET Center,whose mission is to provide free business resources and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Support us and stay in touch with Facebook or Twitter.

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